10.1 inch tablet LCD screen MIPI FHD 1200*1920 YT101WUIM01

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• 10.1 inch TFT LCD, 1200*1920 FHD

• MIPI interface with 40 pins

• 270cd/m² brightness

• IPS wide viewing angle

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YT101WUIM01 is the model with high-definition LCD module, it is mounted for smart home items.

A strong brightness and wide viewing angle IPS screen is perfect for the tablet, which can make the tablet to display much beautiful and clear images to each person viewing from a variety of angles at the same time in anyway, and make it available for face-to-face interactions. 

This high quality LCD screen can be ordered with extremely competitive price and low MOQs. 

Title 10.1' LCD Screen  XQ101WSET01 10.1' LCD Screen  M101GWWC R5 10.1‘ LCD screen YT101WUIM01
 LVDS 60 pin   MIPI 39pin   MIPI 40pin
Model XQ101WSET01 M101GWWC R5 YT101WUIM01
Dimensional outline 235*143*4.6mm 142*228.5*4.5mm 227.4*141.6*2.25mm
Pixel format 1024(H)*600(V) 800(H)*1280(V) 1200(H)*1920(V)
Interface 60pin/LVDS 39pin/MIPI 40pin/MIPI
Brightness 400cd/m² 350cd/m² 270cd/m²
Viewing angle TN wide range IPS wide range IPS wide range
operating temperature —20~70℃ 0-60℃ —10~50℃
Color  45%NTSC 60%NTSC 72%NTSC
frequency 71mHZ 69mHz 156mHz
Display area 222.72x 125.28 135.36×216.58 135.36(H)x216.576(V)
Contrast Ratio 600:1 1000:1 1000:1
Color  16.7M 16.7 M 16.7M
Response time 25~40ms 30ms 35ms
Storage temperature —30~80℃ —10~70℃ —20~60℃
Packing details:      
Qty in carton 40pcs 60pcs  
Carton size: 450*300*200mm 550*300*190mm  

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